Our services

classroom offers a broad range of services for students, via the use of our comprehensive, bespoke content management system [CMS]. Our CMS, is held on a secure server, using the latest encryption technologies. This provides a safe area to store all your classroom related data & files.

A few of the key services are listed below

 Booking service

Students may book an unlimited amount of lesson, workshop or course types from our public booking calendar. This can be located by pressing the 'Book On-line' button, found in the main navigation menu on the home page. A set of search filters makes the task of finding a student's perfect teacher, location or subject, quick and easy.

 Lesson schedule display service

Students can securely access their own download area, to find a list of their scheduled lessons. In relation to lessons, carried out, using video conference technology, a teacher will usually initiate the lesson. A student may also be given the option of connecting with their teacher from the download area.

 Document display service

Lesson related documents, posted by teachers, are automatically added next to the relevant items found in the download area's scheduled lesson list. This enables students to view additional information, about a particular lesson, workshop or course. Additional information, may take many formats, including '.pdf', '.doc' and links. This information can help to enhance the learning process, both before and after the lesson time.

 Teacher analysis display service

Teacher analysis may also be provided next to the relevant items found in the download area's scheduled lesson list. This allows students to assess their progress in a particular subject over a given period of time.

 Social media connect service

Students also have the ability to post their lesson data, from the download area, to various social media networks, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and the classroom news feed.

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