Our services

classroom offers a broad range of services for teachers, via the use of our comprehensive, bespoke content management system [CMS]. Our CMS, is held on a secure server, using the latest encryption technologies. This provides a safe area to store all your classroom related data & files.

A few of the key services are listed below

 Scheduling service

Teachers may create an unlimited amount of lesson, workshop or course types in our lesson categories section. These can then be added to the teacher schedule calendar, for students to book, on the public website.

 Document service

Teachers may securely post additional class related materials, by using the documents section. This enables teachers to add information, about a particular lesson, workshop or course, for students to access. Additional information, may take many formats, including '.pdf', '.doc' and links. This information can help to enhance the learning process, both before and after the lesson time.

 Teacher payment service

Teachers enrolled with classroom, will be paid on a per completed lesson [30 minute time slot] basis. Payment is issued every month for lessons sold and completed, via on-line bank transfer or via PayPal.

Teacher registration

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